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The Honey Queen is crowned at the International Honey Fair and Beekeeper Meeting in Jászberény, which is the biggest Beekeeping event in Europe. The pageant has been organised almost every year since 1994 on the first Saturday of August.

The title of Honey Queen comes with serious responsibilities. The Honey Queen represents Hungarian beekeeping society in front of the public for a year and raises awareness about beekeeping.

Anyone can be crowned Honey Queen, who is over 18 years old, has extensive knowledge ofthe health benefits and production of honey, likes to participate in events and most importantly: is able to handle the responsibility of representing beekeepers and promoting honey production.

The contestants have to prove not only their beauty but their knowledge in a written “exam”, an interview and in front of a live audience.

Past winners include Éva Kisuczky (2015), Gréta Rozmann (2016), Nóra Balla (2017), Kitti Lesti (2018), Eszter Szemerits (2019), Anna Bíborka Páprádi (2020), Laura Katalin Ozsváth (2021), Klaudia Mohács (2022), Viktória Eszter Borszéki (2023).

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