Méz és Meggyfesztivál Meggykirálynő - Cherry Queen

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The Cherry Queen (Meggykirálynő) competition is a beauty pageant that takes place at the Honey and Cherry Festival (Méz és Meggyfesztivál). The festival is held annually in the small village of Szank, located in the Bács-Kiskun county in Hungary.

Contestants of the pageant participate in multiple photoshoots before the event. In the first round, the public gets to vote online for their favourite girl. The Cherry Queen is judged and crowned on stage on the night of the live event.

The two-day-long festival has been organised every year since 2009. Honey and Cherry Festival celebrates local honey and cherry production right around cherry season in the beginning of June. The pageant lasts two days as well. Friday the contestants introducet hemselves on stage and Saturday the Cherry Queen is crowned.

Each year the festival goers can enjoy an entertaining musical line up, with their year’s hit stars. Besides the Beauty Pageant, festival goers can participate in competitions, taste local delicacies and visit cultural performances.

The pageant usually lasts for three rounds. The contestants walk the runway in bikinis, a T-shirt and shorts combo and cocktail dresses.

The training camp lasts a few days during which the contestants learn stage choreography.

Recent Winners are Elvira Lajter (2014), Luca Topor (2015), Berta Szabó-Borics (2016),Szimonetta Kékegyi (2017), Virág Varga (2018), Zsanett Geiger (2019).

Cherry Queen is often a break-out pageant for Hungarian models. Zsanett Geiger, the winner of 2019 Cherry Queen, placed second in Fairy Beauties 2019. Anna Léda Polgári (3rd place 2018) made it to the Top 19 of Miss World Hungary 2023.

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