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AirBaltic is a Latvian airline company, with its head office in Riga. It is the greenest commercial jet in the skies. The company’s message is youth, sustainability, culture and empowerment.

The Airbaltic Calendar is a long tradition of the airline. The first calendar dates back before 2008. Over the years, it gained more attention and intention behind the making.

Each year, the calendar serves a different purpose for the airline to promote its corporate message. In 2011, the calendar featured Baltic singers, sportsmen, musicians and other celebrities in AirBaltic uniforms. AirBaltic represents an intercultural exchange, making its calendar a unique gathering of nations, with the artists and athletes serving as the AirBalticn etwork’s cultural ambassadors.

Later calendars show off the company’s most beautiful employees. As the calendar returns every year, it can only be assumed that the company is not lacking in attractive workers.

At times the AirBaltic calendar is used to show off the company’s technological advancements. The 2018 calendar featured the most advanced aircraft at the time - the Bombardier CS300. The 2022 calendar featured one of the world’s greenest commercial aircrafts - the Airbus A220-300.

Recent calendars focus more on women and women empowerment. The calendar represents diverse opportunities for women and celebrates their diversity, strength, kindness and serenity.

Although year-by-year the message of the calendar shifts, its most important purpose remains the same: highlight the beauty of Latvia, to encourage travellers to visit.

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