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Miss Earth Hungary is an annual beauty competition, whose winner represents Hungary at the international Miss Earth competition. The very first Miss Earth was organised in 2001 and Hungary has been competing on and off ever since. The last winner was Tünde Blága in 2019.

Miss Earth’s aim is to have candidates and winners who actively promote and get involved inthe preservation and protections of the Earth. Therefore the contestants are not only tested on their beauty, but also on their knowledge about how to protect the environment. Miss Earth also showcases and promotes various tourist destinations.

Since 2008 the winner of Miss Earth Hungary gets selected as part of a national competition. Between 2008 and 2011 Miss Earth Hungary, Miss World Hungary and Miss Universe Hungary were organised together in a contest called The Queen (A Királynő), broadcasted by RTL Klub.

After 2011 Miss Earth Hungary was given to the 2nd Runner Up in TV2’s television contest Beauty Queen (Szépségkirálnyő). Since then, the winner of Miss Earth Hungary was either personally asked to compete or was chosen at the Miss World Hungary competition.

The winners of Miss Earth Hungary built beautiful careers after claiming their crown. Some became TV presenters, some appeared on television shows while others built successful careers as models and influencers. Some did it all!

Past winners are Krisztina Polgár (2008), Korinna Kocsis (2009), Jennifer Kaló (2010), Dóra Szabó (2011), Alexandra Kocsis (2012), Dalma Huszárovits (2013), Sydney van den Bosch (2014), Dorina Ágnes Depp (2015), Eszter Oczella (2016), Viktória Viczián (2017), Réka Lukács (2018) and Tünde Blága (2019).

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