Duna Gyöngye - Pearl of Danube

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Pearl of Danube is an old Hungarian beauty pageant competition that was first held in 2004. The pageant was established and organised by Győző Krizsán, a famous hairdresser.

The winner of Pearl of Danube represented the Danube river for a year and would for for its protection and maintenance. One noble goal of the competition was to emphasise environmental protection, and the other was to promote Hungarian culture.

Any girl or woman over the age of 16 could apply to compete in the pageant.

A special aspect of the competition was that even the makeup artists and hairdressers were competing against each other, along with the beauty queens in teams of 5.

Some past winners are Zsófia Csetreki (2011) and Renáta Györgyi (2008), a successful beauty queen of the time.