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Pest Megye Szépe is the Pest County Beauty Pageant. It is held annually since 2017 and only girls from Hungary’s largest county, Pest, may apply for the competition. 

The beauty pageant focuses on both outer and inner beauty and applicants also have to answer a series of literacy questions. Unmarried, childless girls between ages 18 and 25 can apply, however, girls who have previously been photographed nude or partially nude may not. 

The pageant follows on the success of the Érd Szépe pageant, a smaller competition held for the city of Érd since 2013, founded and organized by Zoltán Bada.



Zoltán Bada dreamed of a beauty contest years ago, the foundations of which were laid in 2012, and a year later, in 2013, his vision was crowned with success, when the crown was placed on the head of the Érd Szépe Beauty Queen for the first time. Since then, the event series has been a great success, the main purpose of which, in addition to entertainment, is to create long-term value with its good reputation in the social life of the City of Érd County. The same is guiding him now with his new idea, the organization of the Pest County Beauty contest!

More About The Beginnings

The Érd Szépe series of events was a completely independent event, which was not connected to any other program, which is why it was followed by a lot of interest from both the people and the media. During the planning and organization, we paid maximum attention to the applicants, to continuous communication with them, to the service of our supporting partners, to the diversity of our appearances, that is, we kept the satisfaction of the interested parties in mind at all times! The competition was not only about the day of the final, but also before that, we directed the spotlight on it with numerous programs and attracted the attention of the media and sponsors, and at the same time we promoted the values and beauty of the city of Érd, and presented its diversity.

When the 2016, now the third Érd beauty pageant was announced, it was already apparent that our event had grown, and it was noticed even outside the city limits. Many young beautiful girls wanted to apply for our event from other towns in Pest County, but the competition rules did not allow this. Encouraged by this, competition founder and organizer Zoltán Bada created the series of events called Pest Megye Szépe, which, according to the plans, would debut in the fall of 2017. Its goal is to create an introduction opportunity for even more young people and thus their place of residence, so that they can get to know the values of Pest county even better! We would like our beauties to be noticed nationally through the beautiful girls. That's why we chose Pest County as our slogan: "Beautifies"!!!

About The Competition

 The Pest County Municipality supported the series of programs, which allowed Zoltán Bada, the organizer who founded the competition, to use the name and logo of the Pest County, recognizing the opportunities that the beauty contest provided for the towns of Pest County and the people living there. Unmarried, childless ladies who have reached the age of 18 and are not older than 25 years of age can apply for the competition. A disqualifying reason is if the applicant has previously been photographed fully or partially nude, or similar, or appeared in public. It was also a novelty at the Érd Szépe competition - and we will continue this tradition - that there is no parade in swimsuits. It is also not usual in beauty contests that the ladies not only have to testify to their beauty, but also to their inner values, as we believe that the jury and the viewers are interested in the inner beauty in addition to the appearance, so the applicants must also answer literacy questions.


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