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Szeged Szépe is one of Hungary's leading and 100% authentic beauty pageants.  

The Szeged Szépe beauty pageant was held for the first time in 2008, and with more than a decade of history, it is at the forefront of Hungarian beauty pageants. It is a completely independent event, so it receives full attention from both the public and the media.

The Szeged Szépe event is not only about the final day. They also focus on social responsibility and draw attention to the fight against breast cancer and the importance of prevention. In addition, every year they feed needy children, provide them with school supplies, and support the work of animal shelters with a large amount of pet food and volunteer work.

Based on the rules of the competition, girls can apply from anywhere in Hungary, and Hungarians living abroad, as well as foreign students of the University of Szeged and sister cities of Szeged, can also enter the competition. Ladies between the ages of 15 and 25 are welcome to apply for the competition, but applications are possible up to the age of 30.

Team building awaits the girls who have made it to the finals, where the girls can get to know each other with the help of the  personality guide while performing various playful and creative tasks. 
After that, they organize many joint programs during the summer. The girls are regular guests of Balaton Sound.

Before the finals, the girls have a three-day preparatory camp, where they learn the dance steps necessary for the choreography of the event and learn stage movements. 
Szeged Beauties is a clean competition and guarantee maximum transparency for everyone. They also organize the preparatory camp in secure, exclusive conditions, and in addition, they enrich the summer with many programs that the girls participate in.

The beauty of the finalists is evaluated by a professional jury during three parades: street wear, swimsuit wear and casual wear. When scoring, the proportional figure, the beauty of the face, as well as the overall effect and radiance are taken into account. It is important that, in addition to beauty, the finalists complete a general literacy test, the result of which also affects the fate of the podium places. In addition to the first three places, regardless of the scoring results, the contestants also receive special prizes on a completely professional basis: Model, Fitness Model, Miss Charity and Miss Talent.

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