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Miss B-Life Beauty is a beauty pageant competition organised by fitness and lifestyle brand, B-Life. The pageant is hosted by renowned Hungarian fitness coach, Balázs Czanik.

The first competition took place in 2016 and the competition has been organised almost every year since.

Miss B-Life Beauty selects a winner who is fit, sporty, looks great in a bikini and presents herself with confidence.

The competition has been organised in Budapest in various venues with the training camp changing location year by year.

Usually the winner of the competition joins Balázs Czanik on exotic fitness camps and receives a free vacation.

Past winners are Kinga Szabó (2022) Nikol Varga (2021), Orsolya Kozma (2019), Eszter Eszenyi (2018) and Petra Mészáros (2017).

Some girls who have been in B-Life and later achieved big titles and became more well-known are Lili Balázs, Laura Kis Dóra, Petra Mészáros, Kinga Szabó and Eszter Eszenyi.

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