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Miss Supranational Hungary is the Hungarian branch of the international beauty pageant Miss Supranational. This pageant developed a unique international Live TV Event with the most incredible women from around the world participating in a contest which focuses on natural beauty and grace. 

This TV Show Spectacular enjoys not only tremendous viewing figures and popularity in the host country Poland but also internationally across the world. The competition has made a huge impact in the Pageant World, where experts have rated Miss Supranational as one of the Top 3 most important and prestigious international pageants in the world.

The first Miss Supranational competition began life in 2009 held in the beautiful city of Plock, Poland.  Their first ever group of contestants came from almost 40 countries around the world. Today, after 15 years, that number has doubled to more than 80 competitors from every continent.

This proved that Miss Supranational has developed into one of the world’s most prestigious live TV Shows. The 2010 and 2011 editions were also broadcasted live by satellite from Plock but in 2012 the competition changed locations and moved the event to the capital city of Poland, Warsaw. 

In 2013, with interest growing internationally, the pageant travelled for the first time to another country. The capital city of Belarus, Minsk, played host to a spectacular show. Miss Supranational was presented the Global Beauties Award for best stage of the year, beating the more traditional and established pageants. 

The 2014 contest saw the return of the competition to its roots in Poland - this time the honor went to the city of Krynica –Zdrój. The show’s television audience has grown remarkably quickly since the beginning and now rivals other pageants as having worldwide audiences of more than 100 Million people in more than 140 countries.

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