Jutavit MissFit Hungary

Jutavit MissFit Hungary - Category

Jutavit MissFit is the beauty pageant competition for fit girls. The pageant has two categories, MissFit and MissModel. The last competition was organised in 2020.

In the MissFit category judges are looking for girls who are actively doing some type of sport, while the Jutavit MissModel category is for girls who are fit, but have body measurements that fit the modelling industry better.

Usually 10 top contestants compete in each category. During the final gala the categories can be distinguished from each other based on the colour of the bikini.

György Szepesi is the main organiser of the competition and each year the trainer of the contestants is Attila Katus.

Past top placements are Sára Rajki (MissFit First Place 2020), Szilvia Nagy (MissFit Second Place 2020), Anita Pásztor (MissFit Third Place 2020), Violetta Hetési (MissModel First Place 2020), Patrícia Koncz (MissModel Second Place 2020), Dalma Szerecz (MissModel Third Place 2020), Frida Maczkó (MissModel First Place 2017), Jessica Pongó (MissModel Second Place 2017), Lili Rácz (MissModel Third Place 2017), Hanna Tajthy (MissFit First Place 2017), Boglárka Besenyi (MissFit Second Place 2017), Rék Szlávik (MissFit Third Place 2017) and many others.

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