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Miss Beauty Hungary is a beauty pageant which can hold up to two separate competitions in a year, Miss Summer Beauty and Miss Winter Beauty. The licence holder of the competition is József Balogh.

Miss Beauty Hungary differs from other pageants as the judges are not only looking for beauty, but also take into consideration the applicants inner values.

Any childless woman between the ages of 17 and 26 can apply to the competition, if they hold a Hungarian nationality. The competition consists of auditions, two rounds of semifinals, a three day-long photo camp and the exclusive final gala.

Past winners include Boglárka Leskó (Miss Summer Beauty, 2021), Benjamina Rákóczi (Miss Summer Beauty 2019), Anita Jakab (Miss Winter Beauty 2018), Mercédesz Jaksa (Miss Winter Beauty 2017), Gabriella Kiss (Miss Winter Beauty 2016).

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