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Miss Universe Hungary is an annual Hungarian beauty pageant, whose winner represents the country at the Miss Universe international beauty pageant.

Between 2008 and 2010, the competition was organised as part of the show "The Queen", where the winner won the title of Miss World Hungary, the second runner-up was awarded the title of Miss Universe Hungary, while the third runner-up was awarded the title of Miss Earth Hungary. In 2011, the competition was organised as part of the show "A Beauty Queen" (A Szépségkirályő), combined with the competitions of Miss World Hungary and Miss Earth Hungary.

Miss Universe exists to champion the future created by women-women who dare to push the limits of what is possible, who are curious enough to make earth-shattering discoveries and are bold enough to do it again and again.

The first competition in Hungary was held in 1992, the winner was Dóra Patkó. Other winners are Zsanna Pardy (1993), Szilvia Fórián (1994), Andrea Harsányi (1995), Andrea Deák (1996), Ildikó Kecán (1997), Ágnes Nagy (1998), Anett Garami (1999), Ágnes Nagy (2000), Ágnes Helbert (2001), Edit Friedl (2002), Viktória Tomozi (2003), Blanka Bakos (2004), Szandra Proksa (2005), Adrienn Bende (2006), Ildikó Bóna (2007), Jázmin Dammak (2008), Zsuzsa Budai (2009), Tímea Babinyecz (2010), Betta Lipcsei (2011), Ágnes Konkoly (2012), Rebeka Kárpáti (2012), Rebeka Kárpáti (2013), Henrietta Kelemen (2014), Nikoletta Nagy (2015) and Veronika Bódia (2016).

Ágnes Konkoly achieved the best result at the international Miss Universe competition in 2012, when she reached the top 10.

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