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Miss World Hungary is an annual Hungarian beauty pageant, the purpose of which is to send a Hungarian contestant to the Miss World international beauty pageant. 

It was held for the first time in 1996. The current holder of the title (the 2021 winner) is Lili Tótpeti.

In the Miss World Hungary finals, 16 competitors walk along the runway in four different outfits. In addition to the bikini competition, the contestants also wore national costumes and evening dresses.

In the creative tour round, different clothes were designed for each girl. After each round, two girls receiving the least amount of points had to say goodbye and leave the contest.

Hungary sent a contestant to the Miss World competition for the first time in 1989. The winner won the Miss Hungary competition. Until 1995, the winner of this competition could compete in the Miss World competition. In 1996 , the competition was divided into two, in this year the contest was organized for the first time under the name of Miss World Hungary, and since then only the winner of this competition can participate in the international competition.

Between 2008 and 2010, the Miss World Hungary pageant was held together with the Miss Universe Hungary and Miss Earth Hungary competitions, within the framework of a show called The Queen , the winner of which (the "Queen") held the title of Miss World Hungary. In 2011, the competition was organized as part of the show A Szépségkirályő (The Beauty Queen), again combined with the Miss Earth Hungary and Miss Universe Hungary competitions. 

The best result at a Miss World Final was achieved by Edina Kulcsár , who was chosen as the second runner-up in London in 2014 and also won the title of Queen of Europe .

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