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Fairy Beauties (Tündérszépek) is a national beauty contest that focuses on the natural beauty of Hungarian girls. The pageant is held annually since 2019 and is run by Mediaworks Hungary. The competition starts at the county level, and from there the 22 most beautiful girls as voted by the readers move on to the final, where a professional jury selects the winner. In 2022, the competition drew more than 700 applicants.

The aim of the Fairy Beauties Contest is to present the most beautiful ladies of Hungary. The Fairy Beauties (Tündérszépek) pageant is a nationwide competition and begins with county qualifiers. Girls from all over Hungary can enter and will initially participate in the regional county qualifiers. 

The competition is open to girls aged 18 to 29 and only girls who are born in, reside in, or study in Hungary can enter. Each girl has her profile and photos listed on the local county website blog, run by Mediaworks Hungary. Readers can also vote for their favorite contestant.At the end of the regional selectors, a jury selects 3 finalists from each region who move on to the national finals. The girl who is voted the audience-favorite also qualifies for the national finals.

The national final is preceded by a preparatory day/final rehearsal and the shooting of an introductory short film. All 22 women who have reached the final will participate in the audience vote for the national final. Based on the audience's votes, the lady with the highest rating will be the owner of the Tündérszépek Audience Award. 

The physical competition of the national final is Held in September. Among the 22 women who reach the finals, the winners of the Fairy Beauties Tündérszépek 2022 national beauty contest will be selected based on the evaluation of the professional jury.

Prizes for the winners include a holiday abroad, mobile phones and beauty care packages. The winners of the Tündérszépek 2022 competition receive their prizes at the prize-giving event following the national final. At the prize-giving event, the contestants must appear in elegant clothing with the appropriate hairstyle and make-up.

The Tündérszépek Fairy Beauty Queen Winners
2022 - Pesti Viktória (Zala county)

2021 - Szabó Orsolya (Hajdú-Bihar county)

2020 - Tótpeti Lili (Zala county)

2019 - Fábián Evelin (Pécs county)

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