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Miss Queen Hungary is a new beauty pageant that was founded in 2021. 

The goal of Miss Queen Hungary is to present the ladies in such a way that they strive for the values and equality of women. Also, to demonstrate that beauty pageants are still alive today and are the defining events of the present age.

Miss Queen Hungary was founded to prepare girls in accordance with the modern age and to develop a career with such opportunities. 

They believe that they can deviate from the world of typical beauty pageants and help girls to remember the Miss Queen Hungary beauty pageant for the rest of their lives. Not only as a beauty pageant, but as the pageant , from where one of the most beautiful and varied turning points in her life began.

From their website:
We are looking for the lady who, in accordance with today's age, can be present in the world of career and beauty in the right proportion and wants to get the most out of herself, in addition to gaining a lot of experience, which comes with such a competition.

Below are the winners of the 2021 Miss Queen Hungary beauty pageant
Orsolya Lőrincz - Winner of Miss Queen Hungary 2021
Noémi Zvezdovits - Miss Queen Hungary 2021 First Lady of Court
Vajai Vincentia - Miss Queen Hungary 2021 Second Lady of Court
Zsanett Geiger - Audience award winner of Miss Queen Hungary 2021

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