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Donatella Hunyadi is a 22-year-old model, singer and media person from Budapest. Donatella is the daughter of Hungarian celebrity Tünde Kiszel. Donatella’s biggest passion in life is music. The young girl graduated from the Music Academy in July 2023 as an opera singer. Donatella’s other career path lies in modelling. Occasionally the beautiful girl teaches in modelling schools and acts as a judge at beauty pageants alongside her mom. She is part of the team of models for multiple brands, such as Andrea Metzger Bridal Couture and Grazia Store. Donatella also works as a runway model. Perhaps her biggest achievement as a model thus far is being featured in Vogue Italy Online in 2020. Donatella occasionally appears on television screen in interviews and game show nights with her mom. Donatella goes to the gym for workouts and likes to run. Sport has been an important part of her life alongside dance.

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